Habib Koité

Afriki dennu wilila kayé wa senna yala
Yorodian tama la
Yala yala ani fein gnini nima fein soro
Ina feinyé folo folo anw
Gné bè bissimila
Horongnala diatiuiya
An tama na kambé don yén dafè
Ceuta kaw ko diatiguiya tè enw fèyan
Afriki dennu kolasséguinna kolou yé walasso
So soumalen ni yengné
Afriki dennu yamè ko dèmè ba donenbè
Ka gnèchin wolouma
Aidé assez aidé africa
Pauvreté destination Africa
Corruption destination Africa
Gouvernance ensablée d Africa
Les guerres et genocides d Africa
Unit nation aussi a decide dans son programme,
De developé Africa
Dimunié sa pauvreté
Dimunié sa pandemie du sida
Dimunié le decès de ses enfants
Dimunié tout ce quelle doit a toi
Mama Afrika
Promesse d’équité, solidarité.
L’illusion, c’est faux,mais le reve est permis
Africa fera son chemim vaille que vaille
Ma fierté négro s’apelle Mambo
Nous sommes dans le meme bateau
Africa fera son chemim vaille que vaille

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The sons of Africa wanted to walk…
An adventure that took them far away
from the frontiers of the continent
An adventure that taught them
how things work elsewhere.
Before, we welcomed the whole world with our
Innate sense of hospitality, in dignity and nobility.
We walked but when we wanted to enter their door,
Those in Ceuta told us:
“We don’t have your innate sense of hospitality”
The sons of Africa returned home, saying:
Better an ugly woman than an empty room
Because they’d heard that invaluable help
had been offered to them there
But they’ve had enough of empty promises
Poverty will be Africa’s destiny,
Corruption will be Africa’s destiny
Governments will always get stuck in the sand
Africa is destined for war, for genocide
Until the United Nations
in their development programmes,
Decide to help Africa to:
Reduce its poverty, Reduce its AIDS pandemic
Reduce the death of its children
Reduce what Mother Africa owes to others
Broken promises, of equity, solidarity.
The illusion is false, even if the dream is allowed
Africa will make its own way, after a fashion, because
My Negro pride will always be called Mambo
And we are all in the same boat
Help! Enough helped Africa
Africa will make its own way, after a fashion!

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