Church and State

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Scritta da Dave Dictor e Al Schvitz
Musica degli MDC
In “Millions of Dead Cops” (1982), album d’esordio dell’oltraggiosa hardcore punk band di Austin, Texas

Millions of Dead Cops

Canzone quanto mai attuale, n'est-ce-pas?
Nationalism in school
Perpetrating their rule
Lying textbooks rant
Their patriotic slant
"Your country's great"
cry the church and state
"All that've died
Were on God's side"

President and pope
Your pride and hope
Families build
Christian ethic instilled
The biblical truth?
Faith not proof!
Wield a sword
Walk with the lord
Be a man
Protect your land
Hear your call
Martyrs all

Your life's lost
Nailed to a cross
Dead on foreign soil
For your God
(And their oil)

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