Coyote Grace
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole di Joe Stevens, singer songwriter transgender
Musica dei Coyote Grace (Joe Stevens, Ingrid Elizabeth e Michael Connolly), trio che fa musica acustica di genere, per così dire, “Alternative-Americana”
Nell’album intitolato “Buck Naked”

Buck Naked
My haircut don't look right
My clothes don't fit just right
Them boy clothes are too big and girl's too tight
My feet they look too small
And I ain't very tall
I fight with my mom every time I go to the mall
If I can't be your Daughterson, I ain't nothing at all

The teachers are all thrown
Public school is a war zone
Kids won't leave me and my queeny brother alone
Don't get picked to be on teams
Though I'm scrappy and I'm lean
Those girls, they seem to look right through me

My body has betrayed me
My life, the sun is setting, black as night
If I had only known about those girls
Yeah, they saw me all right

I'm obviously a man
But I sit down on the can
I get shots in the leg by my lady's helping hand
My scars run across my chest
Dr. Brownstein is the best
And ain't no one can make me wear a dress

Just because I've done this
Doesn't mean you have to do it too
You don't know what it's like now, do you?
Well, some of you do…

Well, you say I'm going to hell
Well, I've been down that well
And God is a big boy, he can speak for himself
Don't mess with God's design
But where do you draw the line?
How about Botox, diet pills, face lifts, braces, deforestation, nuclear warfare, Viagra….
Well, I think I'm doing fine

You're so scared of everything
You shout these rules that you invent
Who are you to force me
To believe what you think Jesus meant?

I grew up in a disguise
The pain has made me wise
Oh, my people stand, be seen, and we will rise
My body is my home
I won't ever be alone
And I found my place behind this microphone

I have chose my consequence
I've chosen my name
And I can be your Daughterson
'Cause they're one and the same

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