Across the Wire

Lingua: Inglese

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Όταν κανείς στην ξενιτειά
(Nikos Xylouris / Νίκος Ξυλούρης)
Kandi kandi din katailam


Feast of Wire

Parole e musica di Joey Burns
Nell’album intitolato “Feast of Wire”

Alberto hits his brother on the back of the head
Looks to the north, as he starts to get up
His brothers still sleepy, grumbles, "It's not light yet"
If you want a new life, what's a few minutes wait?

Darkness on the road in over the land
Into the laws and out of the hands
From those with so much and no show of heart
You'd think it'd be crazy
Hmm, to ask for a small part

Spotted an eagle in the middle of a lake
Restin' on cactus and feastin' on snakes
The waters recede as the dump closes in
Revealin' a whole lake of sleepin' children

Poison in the stream that flows to the sea
Out on the waves that crash within reach
Of those with so much, so little to fear
You'd think it'd be crazy
To be so far away yet so near

Some say a new day will shine here
Hmm, on these catastrophes and horrors of misfortune
Hmm, all across the wire

Alberto Ye Hermano on the coyote's trail
Hmm, an' dodgin' the border patrol
Out in the wastelands, wanderin' for days
The future looks bleak with no sign of change

Darkness in the eye, down in the soul
All across the wire to those in control
Holdin' so much with no show of heart
You think it'd be crazy
Hmm, to watch it all fall apart
Oh, watch it all fall apart

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