Radioactive Eskimo

Peter La Farge
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Peter LaFarge (1931-1965)
Nel disco intitolato “On The Warpath”

On The Warpath
Hooray! I'm a radioactive eskimo with a radioactive mother
A radioactive sister and a radioactive brother.

You may think that you're hot I don't want to put you down
But we have the highest count found in any old town

Bring on the geiger counter, bring on the old hard rain
Bring on the army engineer, the answer's just the same.

My wife can't suckle our babies, the milk must come from cans
My wife's too radioactive, say we're real atom fans.

When we eat the caribou, the moss the caribou eats
Is rained on good by the dirty rain, it's radioactive meat.

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