Georges Moustaki
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Georges Moustaki
Nel disco intitolato “Déclaration


Credo si tratti di una riflessione sul terrorismo/resistenza palestinese.
Nella prima strofa il riferimento è forse a “Settembre Nero” e alla strage alle Olimpiadi di Monaco del 1972. Di seguito si accenna a sequestri e dirottamenti aerei, che i militanti palestinesi attuarono in più occasioni tra il 1968 ed il 1972, e poi anche dopo…

Why don't you stay in your villages
Surrounded by barbed-wires?
Why do you go and disturb the world
Who makes a sporting competition?
Why don't you sit on your ass
Smoking grass, eating beans and drinking bitterness?

Why don't you work in a factory
Well-paid and saturday-off?
Why don't you wait for a miracle
That will bring justice on this earth?
Why do you kill and you die
For a country that does not belong to you anymore?

Why do you scream when everybody whispers
In the air-conditioned night-clubs?
Why do you show your wounded skin
When everyone tries to be healthy?
Why do you kidnap, do you hijack
Do you make any travel by airplane unsafe?

Why are you so weak and so lonely
When everybody tries to be strong?
Why don't you stay in your villages
Waiting for bombes and death?

Why don't you die and let the people cry?
Why don't you die and let people cry
Right now?

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