Wake up

Neville Brothers
Lingua: Inglese

Our world has begun to spin
Like a ferris wheel
The threat of world annihilation
Is getting’ very real.
And what of hope and happiness?
Are they forever lost?
Or will Jah step in
And prevent another holocaust.

Everybody better wake up
Everybody better wake up
The superpowers better wake up
The world powers better wake up.

We’re living in the times
The Bible calls Revelation
It seems keeping peace on Earth
Is man’s greatest tribulation
But you know the greatest crime of all,
The greatest sin
The next war will be the final conflict
And no one’s gonna win.


Now when I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the world last just one more week.
You know, it keeps me feeling sad
The good’s gonna suffer with the bad.
Oh Jah know it is so.


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