The Willy - Nicky Telegrams

Einstürzende Neubauten
Lingua: Inglese

tsar to kaiser]
I appeal to you to help me.
An ignoble war has been declared
very soon I shall be overwhelmed
forced to take extreme measures
such a calamity
European war
I beg you to do what you can
stop your allies from going too far.

[kaiser to tsar (this and the previous telegraph crossed.)]
The spirit still dominates the country
that led them to murder their own king.
dastardly murder
deserved punishmwent.
In this case politics plays no part at all.
Your very sincere and devoted friend and cousin

[kaiser to tsar]
I cannot consider Austria's action
an »ignoble« war.
it would be quite possible for Russia to remain
a spectator of the conflict
without involving Europe in the most horrible war.
military measures would jeopardize my position
as mediator
which I readily accepted on your appeal
to my friendship and my help.

[tsar to kaiser (this and the previous telegraph crossed.)]
Thanks for your telegram conciliatory and
the official message by your ambassador
is in a very different tone.
Beg you to explain this divergency!
It would be right to give the problem to the

Trust in your wisdom and friendship.
Your loving Nicky

[tsar to kaiser]
Military measures for reasons of defence
I hope that they won’t interfere with your part
as mediator
We need your pressure on Austria to come to an

[kaiser to tsar (this and the previous telegraph crossed.)]
If Russia mobilises, my role as mediator
is ruined.
The weight of the decision lies on your
shoulders now
who have to bear the responsibility for
Peace or War.

[kaiser to tsar]
In my endeavours to maintain the peace
I have gone to the utmost limit.
responsibility for the disaster will not be
laid at my door.
The peace of Europe may be maintained
If Russia stops the military measures
My friendship for you and your empire has
always been sacred to me

[tsar to kaiser (this and the previous telegraph crossed.)]
to stop our military preparations is technically
no provocative actions
negociations take place
I give you my solemn word for this. We are
far from wishing war.

Your affectionate

[tsar to kaiser]
I wish to have the guarantee from you that
these measures do not mean war
we shall continue negociating for the benefit
of our countries
universal peace dear to our hearts.
Our long proved friendship must succeed
in avoiding bloodshed

[kaiser to tsar]
I pointed out to you the way by which
war may be avoided.
I requested an answer for noon today,
no telegram has reached me yet.
I therefore have to mobilise my army.

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