In the Good Old Picket Line

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Canzone di autore anonimo direttamente dal “Lawrence textile strike”, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1912, diretto dall’Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).
Testo trovato su “The Encylopedia Of Strikes In American History”, a cura di Aaron Brenner, Benjamin Day ed Immanuel Ness, USA 2009.
Al proposito si vedano anche John Golden and the Lawrence Strike, Bread and Roses di Arturo Giovannitti, Bread and Roses di Judy Collins e Few of Them Are Scabbing It.

“Mr. Lowe” è Arthur H. Lowe, manager della Lancaster Mills Corporation, allora proprietaria di gran parte degli impianti di Lawrence.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1890-1964), wobbly ed esponente comunista, fu invece uno dei leader dello sciopero.
In the good old picket line,
In the good old picket line,
The workers are from every place,
From nearly every clime.

The Greeks and Poles are out so strong,
And the Germans all the time,
But we want to see more Irish
In the good old picket line.

In the good old picket line,
In the good old picket line,
We'll put Mr. Lowe in overalls
And swear off drinking wine.

Then Gurley Flynn will be the boss,
Oh Gee, won't that be fine,
The strikers will wear diamonds
In the good old picket line.

inviata da Bernart Bartleby - 23/4/2015 - 11:50

This song is from a Clinton, Mass. textile strike in spring, 1912 that was part of the regional unrest in the New England textile industry following the Lawrence victory.

Lancaster Mills was in Clinton not Lawrence. Arthur Lowe was involved with the Lancaster Mills but not with Lawrence mills.

Greeks played an important role in the Clinton strike but were a negligible part of the Lawrence mill work force.

Dexter Arnold - 17/1/2017 - 04:54

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