Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Lingua: Inglese

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Mr. Cab Driver
(Lenny Kravitz)
Amerika, du tar mina vänner
(Björn Afzelius)
Ah yeah huh America the beautiful
Huh yeah let me introduce you to the wildside
Annie was a high school cheerleader
Pom poms and bobby socks and no girl was sweeter
Come prom time everybody was on the line
All the fellas singing nickel and dime
Tales about love and lust and trust
But Annie took it all in stride
Cause deep inside Annie had aspirations
Wanted to be a chemical engineer
Making 50 to 55 thousand a year
Her first year of college was a success
But along came Billy possessed and obsessed
He took Annie on a fatal date
And showed her things that made heart beats accelerate
Annie took two breathed short breaths
One for life the last for death
Now she's gone from a former valedictorian
Ended up being a topic for historians


Ron had enough of being broke every day
Saying to himself There's gotta be a better way
Cause 9 to 5 wasn't worth the headache
So Ron figured out a faster way to make money
Before you know it, he's a rich
Gold on every finger on his hand
A brand new BMW. A condo. Ron ended up a John Doe
A body was found in the alley but never claimed
Ron became another victim of a homicide
Because he chose to walk on the wildside


Charles had everything going for him
A top paying job a good life. A good wife.
A baby boy on the way any day
A gentleman attitude is all he displayed
Her family and friends treated him like an ambassador
One night on the other side of town
A police dispatcher picked up a weird sound
Charles on the car phone asking for help
Claiming a burglar shot his wife and himself
His pregnant wife lay slumped over
Dreams corrupt and a young life over
Extensive searches throughout the projects
Put a lot of people through misery and wreck
Everyone a suspect til someone was found
Interrogated cause their skin was brown
Then there was Benny, guilty until proven so
But soon as the case started moving slow
What do you know, sure as a sea gull gets webbed toed
Charles was the culprit
The whole plot was an insurance scam
Charles and his brother came up with a plan
Kill Carol, get a big check
Blame it on a black man. What the heck!
And just before the story was known
Charles had a feeling his cover was blown
So he jumped off a bridge
Committed suicide
That's how it is on the wildside!


Little Tiffany. Only thirteen.
Came to the city. Place of big dreams.
Visiting family and friends for the summertime
Sitting on a mailbox, watching the boys climb trees
And the girls play hopscotch
So far her vacation was top notch
But out of the blue a Mercedes at top speed
Gangbangers chasing the robbers on the stampede
Quick as a blink shots rang out loud
And a hail of bullets zipped through the crowd
One hit Tiffany and instantly she died
Innocently on the wildside

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