Crash! Bang! I Want to Go Home (or the Black-Out Song)

Gracie Fields
Lingua: Inglese

Parole di Ralph Butler
Musica di Harry Parr Davies
Testo (forse parziale) trovato sul sempre ottimo Mudcat Café

Gracie Fields

Oh my God, che disagio la guerra, con tutti ‘sti blackout! Voglio andare a casa ma – crash! bang! ouch! fuck! – con ‘sto buio non trovo la strada… Spero di arrivarci domattina, sempre che nel frattempo non ci sia qualche altro maledetto allarme aereo!
Non una canzone contro la guerra, ma una “ditty”, una canzoncina per alleviarne il peso…

Keep Smiling Through!- 18 Original Ditties
Oh, what a great big blackout!
How can I make my track out?
How can I pick my shack out?
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!
Stumbling along the highway,
Dodging along some byway,
Oh, I never can find my way.
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!

I collided with a tailor,
A soldier, yes, and then a sailor.
If I get home in safety,
I shall never want to roam.
Join in the blackout ditty.
Somebody please take pity.
Light up the great big city.
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!

Where are the lights of London town?
Somebody's gone and turned them down.
Turned them off, I ought to say.
Everybody's lost their way.

Oh, what a great big blackout!
We're barging into pillar boxes.
We're getting such a lot of knockses.
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!
We bump into a lamppost.
Oh, how we curse that lamppost!
And every other damp post—
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!

Then we flash our little torches
On pillars and porches
To find our lucky number
From house to house we roam.
All fears and dangers scorning,
We make it home by morning—
That's if there isn't any air-raid warning.
Crash! Bang! I want to go home!

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