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Utah Phillips
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Utah Phillips.
Nel songbook “Starlight On The Rails and Others Songs – The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest”, raccolta di canzoni scritte da Bruce ‘Utah’ Phillips tra anni 60 e primi 70.

Starlight On The Rails

“E’ tutto previsto nei piani di Dio. Saremo tutti insieme lassù in cielo”. Frasi simili, pronunciate brandendo la Bibbia di fronte alle vedove e agli orfani di minatori ed operai morti sul lavoro, hanno fatto spesso di preti e predicatori il braccio “celeste” di padroni e sfruttatori…

Here comes the preacher with his long black coat
Sniffing around like a billy goat.
He’s got a book of everything the Good Lord wrote,
He knows each verse he can tell you every quote.

Sexton, sexton ring the bell,
Preacher’s gonna preach another soul to hell
Sexton, sexton ring it out loud
Preacher's in the pulpit and the heads all bowed

Preacher paid a visit to a poor old man,
Said, "I'm going to save you from your mortal sin,"
Old man asked the preacher his sins to relate,
"You didn't put nothin' in the Sunday plate."

Preacher paid a visit to Widow Brown,
Lived with her kids on the edge of town;
Preacher got there when dinner was on,
Sneaked out just about an hour till dawn.

Preacher preached a sermon by an open graveside,
Where a hundred coal miners were buried alive;
He said, "It's all in God's great plan,"
Preacher and the boss were a-shakin' hands.

Preacher man, preacher, you better watch out,
We're gonna get together and run you out;
All you ever preach is shame and greed,
One Big Union is all we need.

Sexton, sexton, ring the bell,
Old preacher man's on his way to hell;
Sexton, sexton, ring it out loud,
We'll all stand together with our heads unbowed.

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