Jimi Hendrix
Lingua: Inglese

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Suonata con la "Band of Gypsys" a Woodstock nel 1969 e poi pubblicata come lato B di Stepping Stone, l'ultimo singolo pubblicato in vita da Hendrix. Poi inclusa in vari album postumi tra cui "War Heroes". Una canzone d'amore di un soldato in Vietnam che dice chiaramente che vorrebbe avere tra le braccia Izabella invece della mitragliatrice.

I’m dreaming about you every night in my bed
Every night
You know good and well darling
We got this war to fight
So I hope you're receiving me baby
You know I hope everything’s all right


Girl, I'm fighting this war for the children and you
Hey sweet darling, please give me a chance to get myself together for you
You wait for me and save your love child
When I know I may pretend true


Girl, here comes the rays of the rising sun
Oh my heart is coming by baby
I think I can feel it just begun
Keep those dreams coming in strong
Maybe one day I’ll be holding you instead of these machine guns

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Pax Jimi

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