All Being Well

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
Lingua: Inglese

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Versi di Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878-1962), nella raccolta “Battle” pubblicata nel 1915.
Musica di Vartan Aghababian (compositore, docente di teoria musicale al Boston University College of Fine Arts) e Ann Moss, soprano, dall’opera “Seven Songs” del 2003.

All being well, I’ll come to you,
Sweetheart, before the year is through;
And we shall find so much to do,
So much to tell.

I read your letter through and through,
And dreamt of all we’d say and do,
Till in my heart the thought of you
Rang like a bell.

Now the bell tolls, my love, for you;
For long before the year is through
You’ve gone where there is naught to do
And naught to tell.

Yet mayn’t I find when life is through
The best is still to say and do,
When I at last may come to you,
All being well?

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