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Album "World Full of Hate"
album lyrics

The Fartz – World Full Of Hate... (1982, Vinyl)
Sent you off into the battle field
It was no dream those shells were real
Shells explode as you screamed in pain
The loss of a leg for a government gain

Just seventeen, barely a man
They sent you off to Viet-Nam
With no regard for your future plans
You paid the price of Uncle Sam

Gave you a medal and a pat on the back
Did they make you a hero
See how quickly they forget
The pitiful crippled Viet-Vet

You've joined the ranks of the living dead
With dreams of war in your head
War has ended but not the suffering
Just doesn't seem they've solved a thing

And now a nation lies in wait
While our leaders choose our fate
Destruction it seems
Is the American way

3/9/2006 - 14:44

Il brano è del 1982... Il titolo corretto è Viet-Vet, visto che è una canzone sulla condizione dei reduci di guerra americani...

Bartleby - 31/12/2011 - 11:38

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