Dear Darcy

Joshua James
Lingua: Inglese

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Well, Dear Darcy,
How do I even start?
These plain and broken hearts, 
How I left you in the cold, Dear.

Dear Darcy, 
Do you remember when,
White lights & wedding bells,
As we danced across the floor, Love?

Don't you fret, 
I'll be home soon.
My boss says maybe a couple of days.
Just gotta figure out what we're doin',
And I'll be back in your arms to stay.

Well, Dear Darcy,
How are the children now?
How I miss their sound,
When I come home after work, Dear.

Yeah, Dear Darcy,
 Don't you worry at all,
I'll be home at Fall,
With tales of love and glory.

They have us on some secret mission,
across and way passed enemy lines.
But I'll be home before you know it.
Opening gifts, early at Christmas time.

Well, Dear Darcy,
Supplies are running down, 
And I highly doubt
That I'll see your face again, Love.

Yeah, Dear Darcy,
Kiss the children for me,
And tell them their daddy
Will be watching them from heaven.

I never thought
That I'd be choosin'
Between your kisses and this gun.

But the president, he seems so determined
To finish what his father never won,
To finish what his father never won,
Yeah, to finish what his father never won.

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