Thank You Madiba (TYM)

In The Beginning (ITB)
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(Zülfü Livaneli)

Thank You Madiba (TYM)
And I don't know how to say
Why I appreciate your every step and way,
Where's the right in every wrong
And from the wrong was freedom born?
Questions we ask us everyday
But love's the door and love is the way
You're living proof of this today.
So I'd like to say

Thank you, Thank you
From the bottom of my heart and soul
Thank you, Thank you
You know that love's the only goal
Thank you, Thank you
From my heart and soul
Thank you
Thank you, Madiba

I'm gonna jump I'm gonna try,
I'll fight for freedom till I die.
In my spirit there's a passage
where I know we all can fly.
I have seen it I believe it
only love can get us by
we are the solution
all we got to do is try

I have learnt to love all people
in so many different ways.
Through darkness we have met
love lights up the darkest days
You have changed many hearts
I can see the results.
Now we understand we had to
learn from our faults


You said we are in so much fear and need
We don't know the power of the light
The light that shines from within
It's Power for every human being
I hope the future black or white
Learns of your love and your insight
So I thank you my friend, Madiba


So thank you Madiba
For the part you've played
The legacy you've made
The world will never forget

Thank you, Nelson Mandela!

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