April 2031

Lingua: Inglese

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2157 warrant dog eat dog
They say the sky used to be blue I don't quite believe it
It's probably always been the color that it is
And there were cotton candy clouds and birds to fly through it
Just stories we all love to tell our kids

So I'll close my electronic door and keep the cold outside
Hug my aluminium pillow so tight
And pray the radiation doesn't make me sick tonight

There used to be a wind wasn't caused by fans
I wonder how it would of felt in my hair
And the nuclear ring around the moon was caused by man
If it was then it's much to late to care

So I'll put my saftey goggles and gaze out at the sun
The artificial atmosphere machines give off a constant hum
In a world thats cold and peaceful April 2031

No more sky and no more trees
(April 2031)
No more oxygen to breathe
(April 2031)
No more hate and no more war
(April 2031)
Nothing left worth fighting for 2031

As far back as Vietnam we should of learned our lesson
But we closed our eyes and sent our son's away
And they told us we were winning as they sold more ammunition
Some were angry most just looked the other way

Ohh, nights illuminated by the endless glowing sand
That swallowed all the oceans and choked off all the land
In a world beyond resuscitation even by God's hand

No more moutains no more sea
(April 2031)
No more you and no more me
(April 2031)
No more music no more songs
(April 2031)
No God left to blame it on
(April 2031)

No more children playing April 2031
No more need for praying April 2031
No more children playing April 2031
No more need for praying April 2031

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