Wounded Knee

The Fureys
Lingua: Inglese

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Morning On A Distant Shore
Written by Finbar Furey
They came with ease
They brought disease
And they tried to change the way
We lived in peace
Our people died
Our women cried
Our frightened
They ran to hide
Yes they ran to hide

They came with guns
And they killed for fun
And they laughed at the
Who could not run
But brave men stood
With heads held high
With spears in hand
Redeemed to die yes
Reedemed to die

Then they drove us north
Through winters claws
And hundreds of our children died from frost
Then they drove us south
It was good at first
Then our people they
Did die
From hunger and from their thirst
From hunger and from their thirst

Then they built for us
Prisons small
Where hundreds of our
Brave men
Were to fall
Execution by night
And hunger by day
Why did we believe
The old they would say
Yes the old they would say

The buffalo have gone
Like time they’ve flown
Ah where the white buffalo
He does roam
Our land goes sad
That’s all we have
But our people they
Will grow
And rebirth this land
God rebirth this land

They came with ease
They brought disease
They came with ease

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