Stuck on the Treadmill

Richard Thompson
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Richard Thompson
Nell’album “Electric”‎


Racconto di un destino comune a molti lavoratori: spremuti come limoni per anni, triturati nella ‎routine di un lavoro faticoso, e poi buttati sulla strada a 45/50 anni, troppo vecchi per un nuovo ‎lavoro, troppo giovani per non lavorare più…‎
The money goes out, the bills come in
Round and round we go again
I come close but I never win
Stuck On The Treadmill

Another day of punching steel
Till my arm's too numb to feel
Like a hamster on a wheel
Stuck On The Treadmill

Wish I knew a better way
To keep myself alive
Shaking sheets of metal
Every day from 9 to 5
Others may be living
But me, I just survive

Machine's screaming in my ear
Wasn't I just standing here?
Went to sleep, grabbed a beer
Stuck On The Treadmill

Me and the robot working away
He looks at me, as if to say
‎"I'll be doing your job some day"
Stuck On The Treadmill

Jobs are going by the score
They're laying off a hundred more
‎20 years and they show you the door
Stuck On The Treadmill

Strike's coming, trouble's brewing
Whole town going to rack and ruin
Next year, what'll I be doing?
Stuck On The Treadmill

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