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Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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A re-write of an old Tom Paxton song...
In Chiapas
The farmers all stood and struggled
Took their land back quick and simple
From the grip of the neoliberals
So they could live in peace

In Seattle
The WTO bankers
Got shut down by protesters
Who locked themselves together
And blocked off all the streets

That's new, new, ain't that new
Ain't that something to see?
News, new, you talk about your news
That's might good new to me

In Bolivia
In the town of Cochambama
Folks beat the Bechtel vultures
By taking the streets and
Getting together to plan

In India
South Korea and Thailand
The farmers are organizing
And using Direct Action
Cuz they know that's the only chance


They're visiting home and office
Of those who profit off this
Poverty and injustice
And they're letting em know it's through

In Philly
San Francisco or Portland
New York, Chicago, or Richmond
Los Angeles and Houston
Yeah you could do it too!


It's action
That determines the outcome
Cuz ideas don't mean nothing
Unless something stands behind them
That brings them into life

So take life
And make it how you want it
Don't be enticed by profit
And if someone tries to stop you
You stand your ground and fight!

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