Red White and Blue

Born 2 Soon
Lingua: Inglese

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Midnight Confessions (of Emperor George W. Bush)
(Compassionate Conservatives)
Take Your War and Stick It Up Your Arse
(Billy Sollox and The Spooner Rhythms)

This song was written as a protest to the invasion of Iraq by George W Bush
Sands of fortune, sands of blood
Look out world, big brother needs its drug
We’ll fix your religion and we’ll make you understand
It’s the money thing to do and money pays the band.

Red White and Blue
Freedom for our point of view
Red, White and Blue

Times of trouble, since time began
But listen up world, big brother’s got a plan
We’ll sell your black gold and put a bible in your hand
It’s the money thing to do, and money pays the band


Winds of War, Winds of chance
We’ll take your old world and we’ll rearrange
Democracy is here to cosy up in your land
It’s the money thing to do and money pays the band.


inviata da Robert C Reynolds - 1/4/2013 - 09:55

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