초한가 [Chohanga]

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חַד גַּדְיָא
Down By The Riverside
Dear America

" This is one of the popular songs among Seodo jwachang. The text illustrates a historical event in which the Chu Dynasty and the Han Dynasty of China waged battle against each other. The performance origins of this song are unknown. The song ends with Susimga, a Seodo folk song. "
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by Hyo Shin-na*

Study War No More

For string orchestra

In 2002 I was asked to make an arrangement of a Korean folk song for the San Jose Chamber Orchestra. As I began work on the piece, early in 2003, the United States was openly planning its invasion of Iraq. Naturally, this affected the direction of the piece and, by the time I’d finished writing the music and had begun to copy it, the US was attacking Iraq. The piece is based on two songs; Down By The Riverside – an antiwar song sung during the Vietnam War and a Korean folk song called Chohanga.

*a worldwide renowned Korean composer.

from Hyo Shin-na's official website.
만고영웅 호걸들아 초한승부 들어보소
절인지용 부질없고 순민심이 으뜸이라
한패공의 백만대군 구리산하 십사면의 대진을 둘러치고
초패왕을 잡으랄제
천하병마도원수는 표모걸식 한신이라.

대장단 높이 올라 천하좌우를 호령헐제.
흠양성곡 험한길과 팽성도 오백리는
거리거리 복병이요 두루두루 매복이라.
간계 많은 이좌거는 패왕을 유인헐제,
산 잘 놓는 장자방과 계명산 추야월의 옥퉁소를 슬피불어
그 노래에 하였으되, 구추삼경 깊은 밤은 하날 높고 달이밝다.

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Lingua: Inglese

English translation of the 2nd verse of the song, by Hyo Shin-na.
An autumn night on the battlefield;
Someone plays a jade flute so sadly under the bright moon
A bird cries and flies away
Dear soldier, yes, you,
who doesn’t fall asleep so far away from home
Why in the world do you want to die there?
Who will ease the grief of your parents?

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