Rudy Is Dead

No more flags
Lingua: Inglese

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I knew Rudy, we grew up together,
attending the same school every day doing a barrel
we shared the same girls here around
but he never left the most important one
we played in a punk rock band but we couldnt play
at every concert drunk on the floor side by side
rudy was happy when he finally found job
but now I'm going to the funeral of rudy
rudy is dead alone
while working in factory
for one thousand euros a month
rudy is dead alone
rudy was still young, and had many dreams
he loved his family, his dreaming wings
rudy had a son who is two years old
a little boy who will grow with no choice
rudy had a young wife who now cries alone
the same smiling face I saw a long time ago
rudy had a friend who liked parties and stuff
not really drinking but together having fun
but tomorrow is another day
and there will be another death
but tomorrow sing another glory
another memory on the wall
but tomorrow is another story
maybe yours or maybe mine

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