No Plane at the Pentagon

Tom Neilson
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Tom Neilson
Album: Where Greenland Used To Be

Where Greenland Used To Be

Why was there no airplane debris at the Pentagon?
There are still a lot of questions about 911: too many whys..
Why are the sidewalks and streets intact ?
Why are the curbs still there?
Why did they say Building 7 had fallen
before it was dust in mid air?
Why did Dick Cheney tell the planes at Andrews
that they were to stand down?
While two big airliners got closer and closer
to targets in NY town

Where are the video replays
of a jet crashing into the door
Like the ones we saw every five minutes
on the 81st floor?
Why was there no explosion
of jet fuel on the ground?
You cannot have war and tell the truth.
Where was the plane at the Pentagon..

Why was there thermite in the girders
burning up the steel?
Why does the media do corporate bidding
with facts that they conceal?
Why do the White House and Congress
participate in the con?
Why was the grass still there on the lawn?
No plane at the Pentagon.

Why have ½ the hijackers
turned up in other countries alive and well?
If there were ever any hijackers at all
Is there evidence for us to tell?
Where are 10s of billions of dollars of gold
stored at the WTC?
Why did Bush break the no-fly order
for the Bin-Laden family?

Why does the US look for war
in Pakistan, Yemen, Iran
Start a cellphone war in the Congo;
continue in Afghanistan..
Why does the search for enemies
just go on and on?
You can answer these when you tell me please
where was the plane at the Pentagon?

You cannot have war and tell the truth.
The army still needs the fodder of youth
The search for enemies goes on and on.
Where was the plane at the Pentagon?

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