Son of a Gun

Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Ten

Dying men keep rifles in cello cases,
known with a beer as the deer eraser.
They dress their boys in bright orange
and leave their daughters at home,
stripping meat, stretching skin for their musical men.

The makers of guns will never go hungry.
The makers of guns will never fill up.
May their children always play murder weapon since stick.

Abraham Lincoln never got offed
because it wasn't on the television...
and that's all he got,
was his foot background in a tourist's shot,
and his face framed by those old roman leaves,
dead-center on the front of a five spot.

Abraham Lincoln jumped the gun.
Julio Caesar jumped the gun.
Emilio Zapata jumped the gun.
Tupac and Biggie jumped the gun.
Jesus Christo jumped the gun.
Malcolm X jumped the gun.
Mahatma Gandhi jumped the gun.
Joan of Arc jumped the gun.
Martin Luther King jumped the gun.
John F. Kennedy jumped the gun.
G-Dubyu might just jump the gun.
John Lennon jumped the gun.

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