Ry Cooder
Lingua: Inglese

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Ack, libertas, du ädla ting!
(Lars Wivallius)
L'oiseau, l'éléphant et le soleil
(Jean Arnulf)

Album “Election Special”‎


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Never missed your water till your well ran dry
Never missed your baby till she said goodbye
Never trod the righteous path till it was gone
Never missed your soul till you left it down

In Guantanamo Guantanamo Guantanamo
You can’t come back from Guantanamo

We climbed out of the mud and slime
We thought about it and wondered why
Later on we made a real round wheel
Composed a song with a real good feel
Buddha and Jesus laid it on the line
But we took a wrong tum with a bigot mind
Your god is dead better try mine
I’m telling you for the last time
Guantanamo no place to play
Guantanamo you best keep away
Guantanamo what would Jesus say
Can’t come home from Guantanamo

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