Doggone, Occupation Is On

Peggy Seeger
Lingua: Inglese

I reckon those bankers shoulda never been bailed
They should be sitting tonight in jail
No use waiting for the bye and bye
Let's get together and occupy.
Doggone, occupation is on.

The top one percent are feelin' fine
We're here to represent the other 99
We may be sitting down but we're standing tall
After the Arab Spring comes the European fall
Doggone, occupation is on.

I asked about Wall Street, what's all the fuss?
They said, We occupy Wall Street 'cause it occupies us
Corporations on top that's how the world is run
Now times are a-changing and the future's begun
Doggone, occupation is on.

You know, I need a job to pay my debts
Money talks so loud it shuts up all the rest
Downsize, merge all across the nation
Lost my job but found an occupation
Doggone, occupation is on.

We're gonna sit here, we're not gonna shirk
You can tell we're workers 'cause we're out of work
We want justice and we want it now
To hell with the Footsie and down with the Dow (Jones)
Doggone, occupation is on.

We can't wait for Kingdom Come
We're asking: "What would Jesus have done?"
He'd evict the moneylenders - he'd occupy
Like us he'd say the beginning is nigh.

All over the world you can hear the call
Housing, jobs and justice, human rights for all
Spain, Greece, Egypt and the USA
Everywhere you go, you'll hear 'em say
Doggone, occupation is on.

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