Architects of the Apocalypse

Heaven Shall Burn
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Maik Weichert
Album: Antigone

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Architects - of the Apocalypse,
Architects - of the Apocalypse..

Greed and addiction
Drowned their pity
Washed away their thoughts
of compassion and regret
A world left wounded,
Slaved and raped
Your Paradise
is Hell
for your descendants..

Cathedrals of justice in a kingdom of hypocrisy
Castles of self-righteousness built on graves

Masses kept in forlorn,
nations laid to waste
The dynamo of -northern golden age
Darkened our future,
blinded by greed
Sold your fate
to the highest price..

I.. don't believe in you!
You are the enemy!

A rush into our doom,
as if your God came down
And cures all failure..

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