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Free Palestine
(Genocide (Jusuf Džilić))
Oh, Jerusalem
(Dean Reed)

Album: Path of Nails


"“Palestine” es un corte que llevan representando tiempo en directo y que es muy efectivo aunque algo típico, con reminiscencias a grupos como Iced Earth, Rebellion incluso...en definitiva, un tema que pasa desapercibido pero que en directo seguro sonará cada vez más brutal.“Grime Reaper” me recuerda a los Primal Fear o Sinner más tempranos, aunque es difícil deducir similitudes porque esto es metal amigos...para que comparar?"
In the dark alley of Gaza
Fear and misery, a threat for everyone
The tunnel is wasting their lives away
Years of fighting and nothin' to gain

They're speaking all the truth
Israel began to rise
Upon a nation still alive !

Tears of blood fall on the ruins
Walls of hate in Palestine

Palestine! Palestine!
Burns down in flames…
Burns down in flames…

Betrayers' stench is polluting the air
Tension is high everyday, everywhere
A nation condemned, controlled by fear
Forced to live for their enemies

With "Al-Nakba" desolation
"Intifada" is over on the streets
What did you obtain with peace?

Patrolling your properties
Jewish troops take Palestine

Burns down in flames…
Burns down in flames..!

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