Calling Steeler Nation

Mike Stout
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Steeler Nation
Steeler Nation
"Calling Steeler, –Steeler Nation"

"Calling Steeler, –Steeler Nation"

Calling Steeler, – Steeler Nation ![x2]

We poured the steel for the Empire State
Forged the steel that built the Golden Gate
We got our clubs all over the place
–No matter where we play,
–No matter who we face,
You'll see thousands of them terrible towels wave -

We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation!
Call it Steeler, Steeler Nation !

The ones you wanna be with, when the goin' gets rough
We got each others' backs, that's why our defense is tough
We're the ones that give, and always help the foodbanks;
That's how we live, you don't have to tell us thanks -

We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation![x2]

Our family got dispersed all over the globe
Our roots are still immersed where the three rivers flow
Our spirit's cast iron, our blood is burnin' coal,
Our soul is made of steel, our heart is black and gold –

We're the- Steeler, Steeler Nation! [x2]
We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation! (Every age and every color)
We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation (Father, mother, sister, brother)
We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation! (Let me hear you holler)
We're the Steeler, Steeler Nation! (Bet your bottom dollar)
We're the Steeler…

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