Marty Stuart
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Badlands - Ballads of the Lakota

They built a casino, out under the stars
With neon lights blinking, on tired rusty cars
Card sharks take my money, whiskey puts me in jail
An oasis of misery, I know it so well

I pawned my last silver, it sparkled and shined
And a beautiful ring, from the Black Hills gold mines
A hole in my pocket, that money did burn
A loser beyond, the point of return

My woman couldn't take, my Friday night ways
She left me in search of, her better days
Now I'm tortured by silence, and being alone
And the shadows of evil, that inherit my bones

So it's back to the place, where I gamble on hope (I've gambled all hope)
My name once respected, is now but a joke
As I stumble back home, I murmur a prayer
I can't help but wonder, is God really there

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