The 90 and the 9

Ry Cooder
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Election Special”‎


Altra canzone da Election Special (incompleta al momento), che fa riferimento allo slogan "we are the 99%"

we are the 99%
This may be the last time , I don’t know
It may be the last time for the 90 and the 9

If the Democrats don’t make it
Then I’ll have myself to blame
If we don’t raise some sand
Then our votes might slip away
And our civil rights and our equal pay
And then it’s too bad, Jim, for the 90 and the 9

They promised war was done but peace didn’t declare
Our young folks are still going there
I didn’t raise our child to go to war this time
Honey, they’re just shootin’
At the 90 and the 9

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