Become a Cadet

Harry Rogers
Lingua: Inglese

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“Our Little Soldier” – Twelve song cycle about the futility, agony and ubiquity of war. I hope to record this as an album at some time and also do a couple of performances of it with a few friends.

Introduction - Our Little Soldier - Become a Cadet - Meeting Maria - Don’t Volunteer (Song of Maria) - Sergeant Major Grandad -The Children in the Queue - Dying for Love - Joining Up Today - Always Coming Home - Bombardier - Son

A Soldier’s Life From Childhood To Death.

Harry seeing Red

From the age of eight
Our little soldier
Played video games
Staying up too late
Command and conquer
His favourite realm
He ruled the world
When he turned twelve
One time his pal kevin
Called by his house
He had this leaflet
Picturing a young boy
Dressed up in khaki
With a fancy beret
And a golden cap badge
Big yellow words said
Become a cadet
Become a cadet
Right then and there
He became a cadet
He learned
How to clean a rifle
How to read a map
How fire a mortar
How to drive a champ
How to make a bivouac
How to use a compass
How to march in time
How to make his boots shine
How to play the pipes and drums
How to send a signal
How to tie a bandage
And how to shoot a gun
Became a cadet
Became a cadet
Right then and there
He became a cadet

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