Bush & Blair

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Lyrics by Life
written by M P Smith & C T Knapper
produced by Nappa
from the 12inch "Bush and Blair"
© 2003 Zebra Traffic

bush & blair two leaders that don’t care about humanity
that’s why they starting wars everywhere
start with that bushbitch
i’ll strangle and choke him, shoot him and smoke him
the only reason he’s in power cos he cheated blatant in the voting
the whole thing was scandalous cos that bushbitch got away with it
and the rest of the world are gonna pay for it
causing more deaths and destruction, unrest and the poor more hunger
him and his puppet blair don’t care to bumber, the little war mongers
supporting triple six numbers in their equations
spreading propaganda through the nation
bush and blair are really lucifer and satan
fuck the members of parliament, pentagon and white houses
prime ministers, presidents dealing with allegations
that have no evidence
they see with their ism skismvision claiming to wipe out terrorism
they’re really terrified of muslims - trying to wipe out their religion
how come bin laden’s not dead or in prison, i don’t understand
two of the world’s most powerful leaders can’t even catch one man
now they’re making the same excuses to attack saddam
but can you tell me what war really achieves
apart from innocent deaths, soldiers dying in army fatigues
as young as sixteen
leaving people maimed and disabled
while these two wingless demonic angels
pull strings and cables while they drink & sit round tables
bush & blair two leaders that don’t care about humanity
that’s why they starting wars everywhere
blair’s a puppet, a few leagues below fraggles and muppets
always trying to chuck it
but if bush got his dick out blair would suck it
can’t wait til he kicks the bucket, but he’s only gonna be replaced
by another little fuckwit, only interested in war and budgets
but what goes around comes around in this miscarriage of justice
maybe that’s why blair’s wife miscarried her child and she lost it
you might say that that’s so cold that its frosted but i’ll tell you something
what about the thousands of kids caught up in war dying for nothing
and somewhere in the world today, another child dies of starvation
while tony and cherie sip champagne planning their next campaign
blair’s and mine is not the same aim, i don’t understand him fully
the country’s prime minister scared of a presidential bully
who says shit like “if you’re not with me you must be against me”
makes emotional speeches that are really shallow, hollow and empty
the hunger of these blood thirsty war mongers never ceases to amaze
it’s getting deep in these days of politicians cheap little ways
petty breys who tell you bin laden and saddam hussein are crazed
why do you believe them little heathens just leading people astray
there’s always secret documents cos the government’s never open
now they wanna inspect iraqi missiles that they done know they sold to ‘em

27/6/2006 - 13:45

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