Bad Town

Operation Ivy
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Energy”‎

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Una canzone contro la violenza urbana.‎

‎“Music is an indirect force for change, because it provides an anchor against human tragedy. In this ‎sense, it works towards a reconciled world. It can also be the direct experience of change. At certain ‎points during some shows, the reconciled world is already here, at least in that second, at that place. ‎Operation Ivy was very lucky to have experienced this. Those seconds reveal that the momentum ‎that drives a subculture is more important than any particular band. The momentum is made of all ‎the people who stay interested, and keep their sense of urgency and hope.” (Jesse Michaels degli ‎Operation Ivy)‎
They call it a scene I call it disaster
Down here the kids grow up faster
Scared they're scared to the bone
Like a pack of wolves they don't run alone
One on one they won't look you in the eye
But when the pack's together there's a battle cry
I saw it fifteen on one
When the crowd dispersed the kid was done

No (no more)
No (bad town)
No more bad town

Yeah down there you gotta have a label
Just like a cattle in a stable
Knee jerk reaction I call it violence
Why speak out when you could be silenced
Down there, out on the dance floor
Too much violence I don't want more
Down there, out on the street
I can see the air I can see the heat

No (no more)
No (bad town)
No more bad town

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