Eye of the Wound

Dissident Clone
Lingua: Inglese

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No Gods No Masters
(Dissident Clone)

Lyrics & Music by Dissident Clone.
Album: June 17 Citysound
Dissident Clone
Raised from birth
Maybe it's the second one
To follow dogma
To the end of fucking time..

fueled by belligerence
Wealth on your side
Others will come in time..

Cry to the martyrs
Follow in their path
With failed allegiance

Born into a world
of pitiful suffering
Guided by your anger
go forth and seek the truth

Look at the world around you
Trending toward disgust
Then you are shown
Your own burning bush

Into the Flames,
Into the Fire..

You are not misled
Revel in the flesh until its time
For fucking genocide

Into the Flames
Into the Fire !!

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