The White Rose

September 29th
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Olgostin
Album: The Story of History

"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace !"

The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany, consisting of a number of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to German dictator Adolf Hitler's regime.

The core of the White Rose were five students - Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans Scholl, Alex Schmorell, Willi Graf, and Christoph Probst, all in their early twenties - also members were Hans and Sophie's sister Inge Scholl, and a professor of philosophy, Kurt Huber.

The Scholls and Probst were the first to stand trial before the Volksgerichtshof – the People's Court that tried political offences against the Nazi German state – on February 22, 1943. They were found guilty of treason and Roland Freisler, head judge of the court, sentenced them to death. The three were executed by guillotine.

Alexander Schmorell and Kurt Huber were beheaded on July 13, 1943, and Willi Graf on October 12, 1943. Friends and colleagues of the White Rose, who helped in the preparation and distribution of leaflets and in collecting money for the widow and young children of Probst, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from six months to ten years..
In the darkest age
In the blackest cage
Someone always
Rose up
There will always be
A White Rose
"We will not be silent"

There will always be
A White Rose

"We will not be silent"

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