A Dead Nazi Is a Good Nazi

Ska Trek Destroyers
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics &Music by Matt Fothergill & Teds Brett
Album: In Case of Fire - Throw In (Demo)

"This song received very critical comments on Ultimate-guitar, but we stand strongly by it. It's a straight up punk song which was written for a shit-kicking, goin' mad session".
Political correctness is not cared for here, we speak our minds.
The song is aimed at racist Nazis and people who search for fights and act blindly.
A dead Nazi is a good Nazi
There's no such thing as racial purity
Just 'cuz you're all swatiska'd up
Doesn't mean you don't fuckin' suck

A dead Nazi is a good Nazi
What makes you more white than me?
You've gotta skinhead, big fuckin' deal !
You've no idea how you make others feel..

Fuck your white supremacy
A dead Nazi is a good Nazi !

I've said it once I'll say it again
If you're Nazis you're not even men
Can't even try to get along
With other people - you're so fucking wrong

A dead Nazi is a good Nazi
Open your eyes and try and fucking see
That what you're doing is so fucked up
If I was in charge I'd have you all locked up..

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