Han' a Fascist on a Tree

Bob T. Guevara
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Bob T. Guevara
Album: Live at the OpenAir Spontanz

"I'm a pacifist, so if someone makes me angry, I can't just punch him in the face. I still had to get rid of my anger somehow, so I wrote it down in a song ! "
Han' a fascist on a tree along the road
When you once again are told
That them fascists aren't as bad
As you always said.
Han' a fascist on a tree along the road.

When you hear a bad joke about the Turks,
When you're told that all foreigners are jerks,
When you see the cops beating
A black girl that is weeping
Han' a fascist on a tree along the road.

Don't shut your mouth to a racist speak,
When you hear them tell their lies, don't get weak.
No, be strong and stand up,
Tell them all to shut up,
Or, hang one of them on a tree along the road.

When they raise their right hand on national-day,
When they once again try to say,
That races should be separated
And ghettos shall be created.
Han' a fascist on a tree along the road.

Just like the Romans in a long-gone time
Punished their biggest foes' crimes
Hang a fascist on a tree
For all the world to see,
That what they do is the biggest of all crimes !

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