Love March

Butterfield Blues Band
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Keep On Moving (1969)

(Gene Dinwiddie, Phil Wilson)


Their anthem at Woodstock, the "Love March," was powered by a military drum, and had black gospel, rhythm and blues, and rock n' roll all strewn through it. It argued that "there's gotta be a change" in a system in which cultural regimentation was linked to the draft and the war.

Introducing the song, one of the musicians explained the purpose of the song, and the counter-culture, in a way that was as clear to us as it would have been mysterious to our parents:

Uh we gonna do a little march right along through now. Is a, it's a love march. We, uh, don't carry no guns and things in this army we got and stuff. Don't nobody have to be worried about keeping in step, and we ain't even got no uniforms and whatever. We a poor army and what not....

The Chimes of Freedom Flashing: A Personal History of the Vietnam Anti-war Movement and the 1960s by by Caleb S. Rossiter
I said
Marchin' along,
Thinkin' as time goes by.
Sing a glad song,
Sing of the times when I
Make all the people feel so good,
Treat all my brothers like I should,
See all my hassles fall in place.
Living's no longer an empty space.

Marchin' along,
Love as much as I can.
Try and be strong,
Flex fingers, use my hand.
Think of the time that's not too far.
Throw out all jealousy and war.
Aim my sad eyes into the sun,
Think of all people just as one.

I said people think because my daddy did these things...
...They say that I've gotta wear a tie, and gonna be the same.
You know I gotta treat my brother wrong and kill him, what a shame.
But I know...
There's gotta be a change!

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