Father's Field

Traci Lords
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and music (?) by Traci Lords
Testo e musica (?) di Traci Lords
Album: 1000 Fires

I remember that day
Cause I was excited
No school
I'd been raking
My father's field
Wearing this stupid
Little dress
Rocking out
Raking it up

Sort of sweating
Feeling good
I was laying
On the grass
Making big angels
I was feeling
Kinda itchy
In the grass
Laying in the sun
Mmm, kinda liking
The way it felt
Guess I must
Have fallen asleep

I still don't know
What woke me up
All I can remember
Seeing were
These huge eyes
Staring over me
Right on top of me
This older boy
Out of my league
Cause I was
No cheerleader
No lipstick queen
I could feel
His eyelashes
On my face
And they were
Tickling me

Maybe that's what
Woke me up
I was shocked
That sun was so hot
And he was so warm
I didn't know
What it was but
It felt kinda good
Just the way his fingers
Ran through my hair
Just raking it up

I'd never had
Anyone touch me
Like that before
Cept for my mother
I knew there was
Something wrong
But I don't know
I kinda liked it
It was sort of like, wow
Like amazing
And he just
Kept whispering
"You're soooo beautiful
God, you're beautiful"
Just this sweet voice
Tickling me

Then I got
Kinda nervous
And I got
Really embarrassed
I felt myself
Getting really hot
Sort of blushing
That hot

I tried to get up
But he started to laugh
And he started
Pulling me down
Pinning me
To the ground
He's not playing a game
I hear this screaming
And it's me

And I started
To hear my clothes rip
And I got scared
Really scared
And in a way
I hoped to God
No one would find us
Cause I was
So embarrassed
I became silent
This is all wrong
It's all my fault
It's all my fault
It's all my fault

His hand over my mouth
That's why
I'm not screaming
I didn't say anything
I didn't feel anything
I just drifted away
I just floated
Just that sharp pain
And then he's
Through with me
I didn't tell anyone
Didn't tell anyone

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