I'm So Military

Lingua: Inglese

Let me stand up straight for you.
Let me represent.
Let me pretend I respect you
But first let me vent.

Don't be scared of the facts.
You fear me making the call.
You're afraid of the truths I tell.
You wish I would just go A.W.O.L.

I'm so death machine.
I'm so heroic.
I'm so military.
I'm so prehistoric.

Let me tell you a story about a boy.
He grew up believing in freedom and choice.
Yet, when he joined the military, they took his freedom and silenced his voice.
He said he was against every form of killing.
In Korea he found the world is gray.
He told you he found his morals and religion.
And yet you've ignored him even to this day.

Let me tell them what you did in the desert.
Let me tell them about the families you killed.

War is so patriotic. And you're heroes.
But if it was your family, I'm sure you wouldn't be thrilled.

This is the house of the enemy?
I don't know.
Screw it! Let's raid it anyway.
Let's kill everyone inside and call ourselves patriots.
The government will cover us the whole way.

It's all fine and dandy as long as Johnny boy comes back.
But Johnny's now a murderer.
Your real son died in Iraq.

Welcome to the world we live in, where boys grow up to be wicked and cruel.
We're just more demons from the desert.
And yet we have the whole country fooled.

I'm not going to stand by and comply sir.
I'm not going to let you turn me into a killer sir.
You know I'm the only person in the military with integrity, because I'm the only one who refuses to murder mindlessly, sir.

You signed on the dotted line.
I signed believing a lie. Now I've found my destiny.
But we'll put you in jail if you say "no".
I understand that well and your prison is next to liberty.
I won't kill women and children like you have.

Everyone has friends and family.
How would you feel if I killed your family?
I see.
Ignorance is your only reality.
They say we're imprisoned and obligated.
They say we'll go to jail and they'll throw away the key.
But I'd rather be in jail than contributing to their war.
I'd rather have a pure soul than be a tool of liberty.
Judge me as if you know me.
Speak of me as a coward and a traitor.
Defend murder, war, atrocities in your country's name.
Because you're a true patriot for promoting needless slaughter.

You act as if your country is the only one that's free.
Yet we're the only one in full-fledged war.
You think this all o.k. because it's someone else's life.
What if the soldiers chose to kick down your door?

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