Fortunes of War

The Brandos
Lingua: Inglese

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(D. Kincaid)
The fortunes of war
Will smile upon me
If I live or I die
It's a hero I'll be
Got nothin' to lose
It's the same to me
Let the fortunes of war
Smile upon me

My girl she don't love me
My family's the same
I can't find a job
Ain't got a friend to my name
There's no appreciation
For a man like me
So I'll go fight the war
And I'll make 'em all see

I'll lay my life on the line
And die for the cause
Then will they grieve
For all the love lost
Tell me why does a man
Have to face certain death
To meet expectations
That are placed on his head ?

And they'll raise a glass
To the fallen one
And they'll all agree
It was a job well done
Oh, what a noble soul
We lost that day
They'll put flags and a wreath
Upon my grave

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