Joanne Little

Sweet Honey in the Rock
Lingua: Inglese

Joanne Little, she’s my sister
Joanne Little, she’s our mama
Joanne Little, she’s your lover
Joanne the woman who’s gonna carry your child.

I’ve always been told since the day I was born
Leave those no good women alone
Child you better keep your nose clean
keep your butt off the street
You gonna be judged by the company you keep
Said I always walked by the golden rule
Steered clear of controversy I stayed real cool
Till along come this woman little over five feet tall
Charged and jailed with breaking the law
And the next thing I heard as it came over the news
First degree murder she was on the loose

Now I ain’t talking bout the roaring west
This is 1975 at its most oppressive best
North Carolina state the pride of this land
Made her an outlaw hunted on everyhand
Tell me what she did to deserve this name
Killed a man who thought she was fair game
When I heard the news I screamed inside
Lost all my cool my anger I could not hide
Cause now Joanne is you and Joanne is me
Our prison is the whole society
Cause we live in a land that’ll bring all pressure
to bear on the head of a woman whose
position we share

Tell me who is this Girl -
and who is she to you?

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