Welcome! (Cold Fusion)

Flying Tadpole
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Tim Fatchen
Album: Cassandra!
Cassandra Flying Tadpole

Narrator welcomes the audience to the show and sets the scene for the search for Cold Fusion and its later consequences..:
to our little show!
Take your ease!
to our little show!
Enter, please!

We'll keep reality at bay!
We know you're only here to play.
Good wholesome entertainment
stops you feeling low.
So welcome!
To our little show.

Sit back!
It's just a fairy tale.
No sex,
Just plenty of gratuitous violence
(oh, and death of billions too),
So that's all right!
It has a happy ending,
How nice!
And it's full of
Wonderful people!

A fairytale,
it's not for real.
about the end of the world,
that's no big deal!
Good will win!
The world is saved!
And we can cheer on the heroes,
They're so brave!

And there's romance too,
The girl gets her man.
And it doesn't upset her
He's an also-ran...

Narrator (cont'd)
Come and see
How the future might be..
Watch our heroes,
In pursuit of power,
to save the planet
in its mortal hour.

They're motivated!
And they want to make a difference,
And they do!

(They're not at all like you…)

to our little show.

There's one act to go.

There'll be great uplifting moments
of deep philosophy,
and our story is blessed
with pure morality…

So you're welcome,
Yes, you're welcome,
here to our show!
Welcome to our show!

And now you're settled
we can all begin!

So – is everyone ready to see good triumph over adversity?
To watch our characters do their little bit to save the world? …You are?? How innocent!

Well…there's a key to solving the greenhouse troubles -that enmesh our planet.
If only we had a cheap, green, clean and above all powerful power source!
I mean, solar is fine for a warm feeling, -yes,
and wind turbines are great for keeping you cool on a windy day,
but one really needs more to run an all-electric V8 SUV,
and nuclear power plants are soooo 1960s… But we could say goodbye to all those carbon emissions. And we could dismantle the nuclear power stations
and knock down the hydro dams too.
If we could just develop and harness – Cold Fusion!
(Spots up on each side of NARRATOR. ZOMBIE CHORUS singers step into light.)

Come and see with me
(Cold Fusion)
How the world could be,
(Cold Fusion)
Freed from coal, freed from oil, greenhouse gases on the boil,
No pollution!
(Cold Fusion..)

See that pearly flower!
(Cold Fusion)
An endless source of power.
(Cold Fusion)
No nuclear waste, no greenhouse gas, no coal, no oil.
No pollution!
(Cold Fusion..)

It's the answer to the prayers...
(Cold Fusion)
It'll save the polar bears!
(Cold Fusion)
Endless growth, endless power, endless wealth, every hour,
No pollution!
(Cold Fusion..)

So the Holy Grail appears!
(Cold Fusion)
Stops all those greenhouse fears!
(Cold Fusion)
The world is saved from agony
and we all live in harmony,
enfolded by clean energy:
No Pollution!
(Cold Fusion… )

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