The Tale of Marcellus Shale

Mike Stout
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Americana Dreams: Keeping The Promise


70,000 natural gas wells are to be drilled in Pennsylvania over the next 5 years. With exclusions from environmental regulations, profit-hungry drillers may poison our wells, streams, and rivers for generations with cancer causing fracking fluids.
At the bottom of the wells,
Where the carbon kings dwell,
Madmen drill for their holy grail..
Between heaven and hell,
Under the fossil fuel spell
This is the tale of Marcellus Shale.

Took a million years to form,
In a decade or two it's gone;
Poison streams, broken dreams will prevail. (Oh, yes they will)
Public lands and precious forests,
Stole and sold right before us -
This is the tale of Marcellus Shale [x2]

The politicians promise jobs and prosperity
A growing economy, that's good for you and me.
But if our children only see a poison legacy,
Why take a chance, why even dance with the slightest possibility?

They call it slick water fracking
To get the shale rock cracking,
Our drinking water mixed with toxic cocktails..

Diesel trucks, highways to hell,
Dead wildlife, sickening smells -
This is the tale of Marcellus Shale. [x2]

They scrapped the 'Clean Water Act',
Cut every regulation back;
Set up a system that's bound to fail.
Weep and freak as they blow it,
Destroying life as we know it
This is the tale of Marcellus Shale [x2]

It's trade-offs and payoffs, kickbacks and compromise
The cost of doing business in this laissez-faire enterprise.
But in the end if all we gain's our environment's demise,
What's the point, let's blow this joint, –Stop this stupid exercise!

A handful will get rich,
But when this cash cow quits,
The rest of us will be left with the bill.
In our streams, lakes and hills,
We'll have our own Gulf Oil spill;
This is the scale of Marcellus Shale. (You better pay attention.)
This is the hell of Marcellus Shale. (Time for some dissension.)
This is the tale of Marcellus Shale. (We're the only prevention...)

inviata da giorgio - 18/1/2011 - 13:20


About "the Marcellus Shale" see

giorgio - 18/1/2011 - 13:22

Gas naturale in Pennsylvania? Mah, io lavoro nel settore dell'energia... e mi risulta che in Pennsylvania non ci sia proprio più niente da succhiare.

Temo che ci sia stata confunsione con qualche altro stato degli USA...



Mauro - 20/1/2011 - 23:54

Tutto esaurito?

Beh, questi articoli, che come puoi vedere non sono così vecchi, non sono dello stesso avviso.

giorgio - 21/1/2011 - 09:22

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