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Rambo Amadeus
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Tekst i muzika: RamboAmadeus
Album: Oprem Dobro
Oprem Dobro
Ko to kaže ko to laže
Planeta je mala
Nije mala nije mala
Mnogo ratovala

3014. Saturn udario
3018. Zemljan pobijedio

Ko to kaže ko to laže
Kosmos da je mali
Nije Mao nije Mao
Mnogo ratovao

100041. Big Bang udario
100045. Zemljan pobijedio

Ko to kaže ko to laže
Mozak da je mali
Nije mao nije Mao
Mnogo razmišljao

'61. Ajnštajn udario
'95. Hoking pobijedio

Laser udario
Walter pobijedio

Walter udario
Biceps pobijedio

Triceps pobijedio..

inviata da giorgio - 14/1/2011 - 16:31

Lingua: Inglese

English version

Who is lying who is trying people say
The planet's small,
But that's a fucking lie, if it was so,
Would there be wars, would all those people die.

The year of 3014. Saturn took a swing
The year of 3018. Earthling is the king
People say, but that's a fucking lie,
The world's small
If it was so, would there be wars,
Would all those women cry.

One hundred oh forty one. Big Bang took a swing
One hundred oh forty five. Earthling is the king.

People say, but that's a fucking lie,
the brain is small
If it was so, would Mao's own,
be smaller than a fly.

In sixty one, Einstein took a swing,
In ninety five, Hawking is the king..

Waltz first took a swing,
Walter is the king,

Shrimps first took a swing,
Now greaves are the kings,
Top hat took a swing,
Sports cap is the king…

inviata da giorgio - 15/1/2011 - 19:16

Since last ice age it was no peace on earth. I dont know how was in time before 50000 years ago. But today in 3018 first wotld war in iraq yugoslavis afganistan and lybia is finished.

Alister Brokolli vegan ocultist - 17/9/2018 - 15:08

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