A Great Man

Rob Lincoln
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Rob Lincoln

"America loves Harry Truman, but the tens of thousands of children who were incinerated and the hundreds of thousands who died in agony didn't care if he was feisty and played the piano. Dick Nixon loved watching football and was a great dad, but the 100,000+ children who were burned to death, shot or had their family member die in a shower of bombs didn't appreciate those endearing aspects of his personality. GW may really be more personable than Gore but would boring Al have caused the death of between 35,000 and 600,000 Iraqi civilians thus far? Will any Great Man be held accountable? Not if they are an American president. They are portrayed as one of us. We know their family members' names and their vacation spots better than how many deaths they are directly responsible for.

At best some may question whether the 2,500 US soldiers deaths have been necessary in Iraq. Civilian deaths are not even counted by the US Army. It's just "collateral damage."
He was a great man.. and a leader too,
He knew how to keep his country on the move
And he was a clever man.. and a humble one too
Boy was there anything that man couldn't do? (x2)

He had such gifts.. he could play the piano
He could give a speech and make you think that everything was so
He liked the job, was tough but loved puppies too
Boy was there anything that man couldn't do? (x2)

He loved his kids.. and they sure loved him too
Liked to play baseball and watch football on the tube
And he loved his wife, yeh he -was just like me and you
Boy was there anything that man couldn't do? (x2)

Now he's made some tough decisions, killed a thousand children or so
But they were just some foreigners and he did it to save lives you know
Or he did it for freedom, whatever, just wave red, white, and blue..
Boy was there anything that man couldn't do? (x3)
Boy is there anything these men cannot do..

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