Shahadat (Martyrdom)

Disciples of Wilayah
Lingua: Inglese

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Party of God
(Disciples of Wilayah)
Free Iraq!!
(Disciples of Wilayah)

Songwriters: Disciples of Wilayah
I see no changes
Wahabis spraying bullets on masjids
Can I get a lil bit of justice?
Now days its dangerous
To mourn Imam Hussein
And attend a majlis
Discrimination against my nation
Attacking momins in prostration
Imitating Ibn e Muljim
Yazeedi forces are still so prevalent
Giving up our religion
Out of the question a thought so irrelevant
Target killings can never finish us
blood of Shuhada irrigates the ummah
The more you kill us the more we get stronger
Damn Yazeed and La’na on Muawwiyya
Hizbo aliyin Hizbullah!! Hizbu aa’daai hizbushaitan
For faith in quran and the deen of Islam
Bullets can’t stop us nor the Bombs
We are soldiers of Mahdi alyhisalaam.

La ila ha ilulah
Mohammad ur Rasoolullah
Ali un Wali-Ullah,
Jihad fee Sabeelillah,

We can never forget Shaheed Arif Hussaini (1)
held us by our hand and taught us to walk bravely
Ittehad bainal muslimeen, peace between Shias and Sunnis
Its time we unite for the global cause
For Kashmir Palestine and Iraq
No way we can forget the shaheed
They live in our hearts man as long as we breathe
Your Sacrifices gave us guidance
We must be strong with perseverance
No silence your purpose inspired us!!
We admire divine reflections
Ask Zia Ul Haq about divine intervention
Better yet ask Azim Tariq
What it feels like when you’re the target
Wahabis get what wahabis deserve
Shias know how to serve when it comes to desert
Sweet revenge we gonna avenge Karbala
On your order YA BAQIATULLAH!

(1) Arif Hussain Hussaini was a Shia leader in Pakistan, killed in Peshawar on August 5, 1988

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